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Big Stargazer

A winning combination of digital marketing & management consultancy hosted from the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba.

My Story

Jarno Knijff

The idea of Big Stargazer was born out of 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, marketing & digital technology and all the opportunities for small island organizations to improve success.

The first years marked great success with projects including multiannual marketing plans, the implementation of content & social media management systems, web-development, content campaigns & 10x increase of social media performance of multiple partners.

I started contributing to the larger picture of economic development and my network grew exponentially. In 2023, I advised on the taskforce bottlenecks Caribbean Netherlands, coordinated the research project by NIBUD on the social minimum and started managing the Hyperbaric Chamber.

With a devoted network of professionals, I great impactful marketing products. My local expertise, independence, make me the perfect partner for organizing and executing any project in the Caribbean Netherlands.

I have a passion for diving, and I am always ready to guide you on the stunning Saba dive sites! Adventurous and travelled to 5 continents & 42 countries.


From Stardust
To Success

Explore how our marketing and consultancy services can help your business rise to new heights. Navigate the path to success with our expert guidance.

Transform your business with strategic insights. Streamline & automate processes and amplify profits.

From idea to reality. We assist with business registration, ensuring your venture takes off smoothly.

Executing projects and research in the BES has never been easier with your local project manager.

Our independence ensures that project decisions are made based on objective criteria. This leads to more effective and successful outcomes.

Elevate your market presence. We craft a winning strategy that ensures your brand and products stand tall in the industry.

We help you think ahead, to achieve long term success. Our team creates content & consistency that ensures your message converts into success with a winning mix of digital media.

Ignite creativity with our graphic design magic! From logos to branding, we turn concepts into visually stunning realities that speak volumes about your business.

Do you need our designs printed? Our service goes beyond paper, delivering flawlessly printed collateral that speaks volumes and sets your brand apart.

Transform ideas into immersive digital experiences. Our web development service combines user-centric design with technical prowess, ensuring seamless navigation and unforgettable user journeys.

We create websites tailored to your business goals!

Why Big Stargazer?

Why Big Stargazer?

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